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Students urged not to participate in Goshen 'senior assassin game'

Several concerned parents reached out to News 12 saying the game is not appropriate.

Blaise Gomez

May 3, 2023, 10:47 AM

Updated 415 days ago


Goshen police and the school district are advising students against participating in an off-campus water gun game called “senior assassin.”
A community member posted about the game this week on social media alerting the community that starting Tuesday, more than 70 Goshen seniors will participate in a “water gun elimination game for several weeks until someone wins” and that it will take place “all over town trying to get their assigned person.”
The person continued to post that “it’s all in good fun,” and that if you see kids “driving around or running around with water guns this is what they’re up to.”
Several concerned parents reached out to News 12 saying the game is not appropriate.
The Goshen School District and Village of Goshen Police Department issued a joint statement about the game.
“The post on social media is not the idea of nor sanctioned by the Goshen Central School District,” said Superintendent Dr. Kurtis Kotes and Goshen High School Principal Nick Pantaleone. “The District was not aware of this until the issue surfaced on social media. The District strongly encourages families and community members to consider the safety of any activity that is supported outside of the school’s purview.”
“The Village of Goshen Police Department urges parents to discuss with children their participation in this activity. This activity, when conducted in uncontrolled public places, could cause public alarm, citizen intervention, and 911 calls generating a police response and causing a public safety issue,” said Chief James Watt. “The thrill of the game could impede judgment, and participants may be oblivious to how their behavior could be viewed by community members with individuals with weapons, often chasing others on foot or in vehicles.”
Several parents posted in support of the game in the post’s comments.
It’s not clear if the game has begun.
The game appears to be part of a TikTok challenge that several groups of seniors from districts throughout the Hudson Valley are participating in.

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