Students grill politicians on gun violence

A group of Westchester students are trying to put pressure on local lawmakers to stop school shootings.
The group is called the Westchester Student Coalition Against Gun Violence and it was formed by students across the county after the shooting in Parkland Florida in February.
On Sunday, a group of students met with Rep. Eliot Engel (D) in New Rochelle to help students learn what Capitol Hill is doing to end school shootings and about gun safety legislation. The session comes two days after 10 people were killed at Santa Fe High School in Texas in another school shooting.
The purpose of these events is in part to hold politicians feet to the fire. "Our goal has been to hold forums with elected candidates and officials to really see where they stand on gun violence," says organizer Dylan Klein, a New Rochelle High School junior.
Engel, a Democrat, already stands in favor of tougher gun control. He says it's up to the next generation to vote in politicians who support gun reform. "It's absolutely disgraceful that those of us support sensible gun control in congress can't even get a bill on the floor of the house," he says.
Students who are members of the coalition say they have already hosted a forum with then-state Senate candidates Shelley Mayer and Julie Killian and are organizing their next forum, which they hope to hold next month with members of the state Senate.