Strong winds create challenge for utility companies in Rockland

Wednesday's strong winds made it challenging for utility companies to make repairs in Rockland. 
The storm left 8,000 customers without power.

"It was very hard to get around last night. A lot of trees down, a lot of roads blocked. Low-level flooding,” says O & R spokesman Mike Donovan.

Trees were down across the county – one completely blocked traffic in Rockland Lake State Park.
The crews at Orange & Rockland say they have certain priorities after storms like this, basically a list of what they need to fix first.

When a downed tree falls on wires, they say the line has to be “de-energized’ and then they go and untangle it.
The next stops include hospitals, fire departments and police departments. 
Orange & Rockland says it’s important to just be patient.

About 90% of customers are expected to have power back by Thursday night.
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