‘Stop lying:’ Mayor Thomas blasts City Council president, comptroller

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas had some fighting words Thursday when he went off script to attack City Council President Andre Wallace over the city still not finalizing a 2019 budget - 31 days into the new year.

“Stop lying. That's what I say directly to your face. Stop. It's ridiculous,” said Thomas. "Come to the table, roll up your sleeves and do your job."

Two days after blaming Wallace and Comptroller Deborah Reynolds for the city losing its credit rating, Thomas says he invited both Wallace and Reynolds to review his proposed estimates for the 2019 budget last week.
The mayor, backed by his recreation and planning commissioner, claims the two never showed up and still refuse to meet in the middle.

"Their hate cannot out mask my love for Mount Vernon and that's why I will continue to fight them because they are hurting you,” said Thomas.

The City Council president and comptroller called the latest news conference repetitive and said Thomas is the one who is the real liar.
"If you ran your household like the mayor is running this city, you'll all be out on the street,” said Wallace. “What the mayor's not telling you is he misappropriated those fundings. All the money and now he's asking for a bailout."