Stifling sun puts pressure on region's power grid

The stifling sun is putting pressure on our region's power grid.
Orange and Rockland officials say they invest and work year-round just for the busy summer season.
They say stretches of high temperature are taxing on the power grid, and overheating can run the risk of more outages.
Orange & Rockland's control center, which runs the system, works extremely close with engineers who triage how well it is running.
"We have engineers working through the day and through the night monitoring the system to make sure there's no overloads on the system," says Mike Donovan of Orange & Rockland Utilities.
"Today we had a compliment of people in the field all day working on immediate issues, in the morning it was the heat, in the afternoon it was the storm," says Donovan
Preparation includes building stronger poles, wires and using underground strategies to keep the power grid running strong in extreme weather and temperatures.