Spring Valley police seek possible sex assault victims after woman alleges abuse during massage

Police in Rockland County are searching for more possible victims after a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted while getting a massage.
According to Spring Valley Police Detective Matthew Galli, the woman went at the recommendation of others to get a massage to help treat an injury at the Spring Valley home of a person who called himself Ricardo Matariego.
His real identity is 66-year-old Juan Jose Mazariego-Mazariego, and he was not authorized to be giving massages. 

The Spring Valley Police Department are sharing tips to prevent people from becoming a victim.
Gallis say people should always be able to see or request a license.
"The licenses should always be readily available. If they're not, then that should be a red flag," he says.
Galli advises to use the internet, do a Google search or a review search, and look at reviews of the place before you go in.
Police are asking anyone who may have been victimized by the suspect to contact the Spring Valley Police Department at 845-517-1126
Mazariego is facing several charges as he awaits his next day in court.