SPCA Westchester rescues beagles from mass breeding facility in Virginia

SPCA Westchester has rescued nearly a dozen beagles from a mass breeding facility in Virginia.
The SPCA says the dogs are now in Briarcliff Manor as the Humane Society of the United States removes about 4,000 beagles from Envigo, a mass breeder in Cumberland, Virginia, selling the dogs to labs for animal experimentation.
It all comes after a Department of Justice lawsuit this spring alleging animal welfare act violations at the facility.
Federal inspections found some dogs had been "euthanized" without first getting anesthesia, that dogs weren't getting enough food and the right veterinary care, and that they were living in unsanitary conditions.
News 12 is going to visit the beagles on Thursday. Anyone interested in adopting the dogs or many others that need a home should email Eileen@spcawestchester.org