Son of White Plains man killed by police honors father, other lives lost during law enforcement interaction

The Hudson Valley has seen a number of controversial incidents in the past in which Black people were killed by police, including the case of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.
In November 2011, he was fatally shot by a White Plains police officer who was sent to check on his safety. Nearly a decade later, his son is leading a movement to get justice for his father and other families whose loved ones were at the center of apparent police brutality.
Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. was one of the key speakers at a protest Wednesday evening in White Plains to honor the lives lost during interactions with law enforcement.
Back in 2011, White Plains police officers were called to Chamberlain Sr.'s apartment on Lexington Avenue to check on his well-being after he triggered his Life Alert medical device. When he didn't let them in, things took a turn for the worse: They broke down his door and used a Taser on him before fatally shooting him.
Chamberlain Jr. says what bothers him is there were no criminal charges brought against the officers involved, and that no one was held accountable.
He has been busy over the last nine years as a community activist and a crusader for change, leading protests and raising awareness of extrajudicial killings.
Chamberlain Jr. says he believes the death of George Floyd highlights what he's been fighting for, and he thinks for the first time that the masses are seeing it, too.
He says the time has come for meaningful criminal justice reform, and the people are no longer asking nicely - they are demanding it.