'Something out of a horror movie': Woman shares cautionary tale of eyebrow henna reaction

A Westchester woman says she walked into a Mount Vernon salon to get her eyebrows done - and walked out looking like something out of a horror movie.
Ventresca Carter, of Pelham, says she went to Aari Eyebrows in Friday night to get her eyebrows threaded and then tinted with henna in the hope of making her eyebrows look amazing.
"What used to be my eyebrows are full blown oozing blisters, my eyes are completely deformed," she says.
Carter says her eyebrows became itchy, and infected. Her eyes are so swollen she needs her daughter's help to get around.
"I look like something out of a horror movie," she says.
She went back to Aari Eyebrows in Mount Vernon the next day and was told that she probably got a reaction to the henna because she had sensitive skin.
The owner didn't want to talk to News 12 on camera but said on the phone that they've never seen a reaction to their henna product they hand mix, and they are not responsible for reactions to their products and services.
That has made Carter even more upset -- and ready to take legal action.
"I want people to be held accountable. No one should be able to do things like this to people and not be held accountable," she says.
Dermatologists say whenever you try something new on your skin, a professional should do a patch test first on the inside of your wrist to make sure you're not allergic to the product.
Mount Kisco dermatologist Dr. David Bank says henna products sometimes have a chemical additive called PPPD for short -- that can cause an allergic reaction for people with sensitive skin.
A GoFundMe has been set up for Carter.