Sink your teeth into something sweet at Red Hook’s Grieg Farm

Explore nature, pick your own fruits and vegetables, and grab some homemade treats at this family-owned farm.

News 12 Staff

Jun 25, 2020, 4:26 PM

Updated 1,432 days ago


If you're looking to sink your teeth into something sweet this summer, come join News 12 on a Road Trip: Close to Home to Red Hook and the Grieg Farm.
Since 1942, this family-owned farm has been growing fruits and vegetables of all different shapes and sizes, and seasons. "Asparagus in the month of May, strawberries in June, blueberries in July and August, blackberries in August, apples in September and then pumpkins in October," says Norman Grieg.
Talk about farm to table - from sun up to sundown, visitors can come here to stock their pantries all year round. "I'd come here several years ago when I was a little kid, so I came with my husband and my kids… I think it's a great socially distant activity want to be outside; we want to experience nature," says Demarigny Hanstein, from Kingston.
And what's a better place to explore nature than picking your own food on 300 acres of land? "We've designated 18 different zones so that when you come in, you're assigned a picking area. We used to just say ‘go anywhere,’ now we try to space out the customers," says Grieg.
You can also safely enjoy the farm's newest attraction…a walking trail built in May. There are various bridges connecting four miles of various landscapes.
And attention animal lovers, you can hang out with various little critters on your road trip. "Right now it's kind of a herd of Pygmy goats, and they are trained beggars. They love to be fed," says Grieg.
Wrap up your day with some road trip eats, since the farm's market sells fresh produce, hot lunch, and, of course, snacks for the ride home! And the best part? Everything here is picked and made fresh daily.

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