'Shocked': Neighbors in Greenwood Lake stunned by suspect's arrest in Monsey stabbings

A man who lives in the quiet community of Greenwood Lake is accused of stabbing multiple people who were celebrating Hanukkah at a rabbi's home in Monsey Saturday night.
Grafton Thomas, 37, is charged with five counts of attempted murder in the attack with a machete-type knife that left five injured. Authorities say that he fled after the attack by vehicle, but was apprehended by NYPD officers in Harlem.
Local police and state troopers have blocked off Lake Drive in Greenwood Lake as they collect evidence at the home where Thomas reportedly lives with his mother.
Stunned neighbors who live in the Greenwood Lake community tell News 12 that they didn't know much about Thomas.
"Maybe I've seen his face going by, probably waved to him many times," says Jay Vega, of Greenwood Lake. "But... this is a family oriented community, it's a beautiful community to raise your kids."
It's unclear what authorities were searching for in the Lake Drive home. Police did not comment on how long they expected to be at the scene as the investigation continues.