Shining a spotlight on Westchester's women-run nonprofits

News 12’s Nadia Galindo is highlighting several nonprofits in Westchester County that are run by women for Women’s History Month.
Many of the organizations have been vital for families struggling to make it through the pandemic.
Feeding Westchester is a popular nonprofit that has seen the need for food more than double amid the pandemic.
"As you can imagine the logistics have been very challenging,” says Feeding Westchester president Karen Erren.
At the start of the pandemic, Feeding Westchester supplied food to hungry residents through the National Guard. Since then, the organization has been a central player in keeping people fed.
"We've been able to help people on the edge of financial security,” says Erren.
Mount Kisco-based organization Neighbors Link serves and advocates for the undocumented community. Carola Otero Bracco serves as the executive director and ensures immigrants living in the shadows are seen, heard and helped.
“We pivoted quickly to be able to offer food to 3,500 people a week,” says Bracco. “We created a fund to help people pay their rent.”
AFYA Foundation CEO Danielle Butin was instrumental in enabling a smooth transition from collecting unused local medical supplies to providing lifesaving masks and personal protection equipment to hospitals.
"This has been an exhausting year,” says Butin. "Over 4 million pieces of PPE have been delivered to our amazing health system locally.”