Several businesses, residents in Yonkers say mail has been delayed for weeks

Several people in one Yonkers neighborhood say they have been waiting several weeks for deliveries that they expected in a day or two.
Auto body shop owner Gus Constantinou says he is always expecting checks from insurance companies in the mail for the repairs he does.
He says he rarely gets those payments in time - and often finds himself telling a customer he can't release their car because the check hasn't arrived yet.
"I can't give her the car back until I get payment, right? Now it's sitting here. She's going to want her car back. What am I going to say? Now I become the bad guy. I can't give her the car. I didn't get the check. But really, it's got nothing to do with me. It's on the mail service," he says.
Five business owners and several other neighbors shared similar stories with News 12 about late or missing deliveries.
It's just east of Walnut Street on Yonkers Avenue where there has been cluster of complaints about mail service. Residents and businesses just west of Walnut Street aren't having too many issues.
"We are not aware of any mail delivery delays in Yonkers as all routes are being delivered daily," a USPS spokesperson said in an email.
He also referred News 12 to a fact sheet stating that under new standards, 70% of first-class mail should arrive in one to three days.
George Vasquez says he was expecting a new credit card in the mail last month to help pay his bills for this month.
"I try to call them up to see what's going on with it. They say they sent it, they sent it, they sent it, but nothing gets in my mailbox," he says.
Vasquez says he has concerns about leadership and staffing at his local post office.
The USPS spokesperson says that when a postmaster is not available, an officer in charge covers the postmaster's duty - and that's what is happening in Yonkers.