Sen. Skoufis proposes eliminating turning back clocks in NY

A state senator says he wants to do away with turning the clocks back in New York.
State Sen. James Skoufis says he would like this year to be the last that New Yorkers have to worry about what time it is or it being dark by 5 p.m.
"There are a lot of positive benefits to taking on another hour of sunlight later in the day,” he says.

Skoufis says studies show year-round daylight saving time perks include reduced crime, fewer car accidents and lower energy consumption.
Hawaii and Arizona already have year-round daylight saving time, and several others are considering doing the same.
"If New York does take a step here and become the first major state to do this, the first in our area, I believe others will follow suit,” says Skoufis.
Sen. Skoufis says the daylight saving time bill he plans to introduce will likely require Connecticut and New Jersey to pass similar bills to avoid confusion when traveling within the tri-state.