Sen. Gillibrand attends Westchester town hall on issues impacting seniors

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was back in Westchester Thursday for a town hall focused on issues impacting seniors.
Dozens of seniors showed up at the Westchester County Center in White Plains Thursday for the meeting.
Elmsford resident John Murphy says he was hoping the senator would co-sponsor legislation that would give benefits to veterans like himself who served in Thailand during the Vietnam War.

White Plains resident Azline Suber and her husband wanted the senator to do something about contractors who rip off seniors.

"We have a man came to us $8,000 for a water leak!” she said. 

Sen. Gillibrand said one of the issues that concerns her the most is the SALT tax deduction.
"The fact that we can no longer deduct our local and property taxes really harms fixed-income seniors. They can't afford it. If their property taxes go up, where do they get the additional money? They don't have it,” she said. 

John Murphy said going to the meeting was worth the trip -  Gillibrand agreed to co-sponsor his bill.

"When she committed and said yes, she would sponsor the bill, I was just dumbfounded,” he said. 

Gillibrand agreed to sponsor a number of other measures, including a bill that would require additional training for home health aides.