Security camera captures man trying to get into cars

A man trying to get into cars in Yonkers was captured on video by home security cameras.
Yonkers police released the video of the suspect checking cars late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning in the Crestwood section of the city. They are asking for the public's help in finding the possible burglar.
Investigators say home surveillance cameras are helping police catch the burglars.
Earlier in the week, Yonkers police released a video of a man who also appeared to be checking for unlocked cars.
Investigators say the man in that case is John Bertolini who had been arrested last month on charges of petty larceny and possession of burglar tools. Now he's accused of breaking into several cars in Yonkers.      
And in Ossining, a woman was caught stealing packages off neighbors' porches earlier this week. Investigators used the footage to identify the woman as 30-year-old Sherri Carey and they arrested her Tuesday night.
Police say these videos are a reminder to follow what's called the ‘9 p.m. Routine’ - make sure your outside lights are on, your doors are locked, valuables are secure, and garages and cars locked.
And if you see something suspicious recorded on your home video, make sure you give police a call right away. If you recognized the guy in that first video, Yonkers police ask that you call them at (914) 377-7900.