Second video surfaces showing alleged yeshiva abuse

A second video has surfaced showing alleged child sex abuse at a yeshiva in Kiryas Joel.
Anti-abuse activists leaked the surveillance tape. It shows a man who police describe as the principal of United Talmudical Academy with a young boy between his legs. Some believe that the video shows the man appearing to kiss the boy and give him candy at the end of their encounter.
On Monday, another video surfaced that allegedly shows the same man holding and caressing an elementary school boy between his legs for 15 minutes.
While police have begun a joint sex-abuse investigation, residents within the extremely religious and private Hasidic community are coming to the principal's defense.
Joseph Waldman says the rabbi-principal seen on tape is well-known and respected within the ultra-Orthodox community for having what he calls a "fatherly" approach with kids.
"This person is such a loving person that instead of taking out a belt and beating up a child, he'd rather give an extra kiss or an extra show of love," he said.
Child psychologist Dr. Stephanie O'Leary said Wednesday that extreme physical contact in schools is as inappropriate as corporal punishment, and said adults in a position of power need to use caution and pay attention to the child's physical and verbal cues, especially while alone.
School officials have not returned calls from News 12. There is no word on whether the principal is still teaching kids.