School district debates dropping cursive

A school district upstate is debating whether students should be required to learn how to write in cursive.
Schools in Rochester are questioning whether or not to drop the teaching of cursive altogether from the curriculum due to the pressures of Common Core requirements and the rise of the need of keyboard skills and a decline of writing with pen and paper.
"Schools can certainly reinforce those things, but I don't think it’s something that can be a part of the day-to- day curriculum. There's just not enough time with everything else that's been put on the teacher's plate[s]," says Greece Teachers Association President Jason Cooney.
Other educators say cursive is something every student should learn. "It's really important for hand-eye coordination, for dexterity. The teaching of cursive really helps the handwriting process,” says Naples Superintendent Matthew Frahm.
Proponents say research shows that cursive writing improves overall brain function.