Scarsdale youth hockey player claims opposing team yelled anti-Semitic slurs on ice

One of the players in the Scarsdale Youth Hockey Association claims he and some of his fellow team members were bullied with anti-Semitic slurs on the ice.
News 12 is told members of the opposing team shouted at players they assumed to be Jewish, saying things like "go back to synagogue" and calling them "a disgusting Jew."
The 13-year-old player's parents say it happened Sunday when their son was playing center for Scarsdale against North Park - a game they lost. News 12 has withheld the player's name at his parents request.
The parents reported the incident to their rabbi in Riverdale prompting an investigation by the Hudson Valley Hockey League.
News 12 spoke to the east section president of the NYS Amateur Hockey Association David Mensi, who said he will not hesitate to issue punishment to players after he figures out exactly what happened.
For the players parents, they just want their kids to be able to play in peace.
The player's father says he never hoped to have a conversation with his son about why people might spread such hate.
Parents say they've received an email saying practices have been suspended while the league investigates what happened.