Scarsdale public schools close after middle school faculty member tests positive for COVID-19

Scarsdale Public Schools will be closed for more than a week after a faculty member at the middle school tested positive for coronavirus, the superintendent says.
All schools will be closed through March 18 for "continued cleaning, progress monitoring, and social-distancing." The district says all school activities, meetings and events, including sports and PTC events, are canceled. 
News 12 has learned that the faculty member has a mild illness. The district says has been in touch with the county health department and the health commissioner recommended to the entre district.  The district is working to contact all families that may have had students come in direct contact with the faculty member. News 12 was not told what the faculty member’s role was and what involvement was had with students.
Officials hope to have some sort of e-learning lesson plan in place by next Monday.
"The first priority is the health and safety of those potentially impacted," the school said in a statement on its website. "We are already working with Department of Health officials to contact any families who DOH officials feel need to be notified and given guidance for further actions. This communication will be ongoing and is likely to take time to complete, please understand that the Administration and DoH are working as fast as possible, but we must make sure that the information provided to families is correct.”

News 12 will host a 30-minute call-in show Monday, March 9 at 7:00 p.m. where experts will answer your questions about the coronavirus. The show will be followed by a special Facebook Live Q&A.
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