Rye charity provides wigs to boost confidence of breast cancer patients in chemotherapy

As people go through chemotherapy for breast cancer, hair loss is one of the common side effects they will experience. 
Stacey Weissberg, director of Client Services, Soul Ryeders, says hair is a large part of a woman’s identity. 
“When going through cancer treatment, often the symbolism of losing your hair is really distressing,” says Weissberg. 
Weissberg is with Soul Ryeders who created “The Wig Exchange” program to help women cope with their hair loss by offering wigs. 
Soul Ryeders accepts donated wigs and has them professionally cleaned. “Wig advisers” help to fit women of all ages within the tri-state area with the wigs completely free. 
Sandy Chitteden is a breast cancer survivor and wig adviser. She became involved in the charity in 2012.  
Chitteden says as she was being fitted for her wig at a salon in Manhattan, she felt alone and sad. 
“As I was being fitted, I was watching women enter and exit after having their hair blown out and I just felt very alone and very saddened,” recalls Chitteden. 
Soul Ryeders does fittings at its Rye office so women don’t feel alone or sad. 
While there, women are taught how to care for their wigs. When they no longer need them, they return them. 
Chitteden says women who participate in the program feel a sense of calm when they leave. 
“They walk down these steps feeling a sense of calm and a sense that this is going to be OK,” says Chitteden. 
More Information: Soul Ryeders