Rockland teens learn about Auschwitz death camp at Museum of Jewish Heritage

A group of teens in Rockland County used a day off from school to make a special trip to New York City to learn about the Holocaust.
The group of 18 went to the Museum of Jewish Heritage to see an exhibit on the largest mass murder site in human history - Auschwitz.
The trip was organized by Beth Am Temple in Pearl River.
Jack Glass is a member of the synagogue and says he wanted his friend Alex High, who is not Jewish, to see the exhibit with him.
He says they prepared for the trip by watching “Schindler’s List.”
The pair said they learned so much from the exhibit that they felt compelled to tell others what they saw there.
“It really taught me so much more about the Holocaust than I never knew. That really informed me on the bigger stuff that happened,” said Glass.

The Auschwitz exhibit is on display at the lower Manhattan museum until August.