Rockland officials warn of Triple E virus found in mosquitoes

Rockland County health officials are warning the public about infected mosquitoes.
Eastern equine encephalitis, commonly called Triple E, is a potentially dangerous virus that was recently found in a group of mosquitoes in Orangetown.
The New York state Department of Health confirmed the positive test after the infected mosquitoes were collected from the trap last week as part of Rockland County's mosquitoes surveillance efforts.
No human cases have been reported in the county but the CDC says the virus can be deadly in about 20% of people who catch it, with the possibility of leaving survivors with neurological problems.
The county says the disease is also a concern for horses but a vaccine is recommended for the animals. There is no commercially available vaccine for humans.
The best way to avoid this virus is to keep mosquitoes from biting, according to the CDC and the county. It is recommended to have screens on doors and windows and for people to use bug spray.
Symptoms for eastern equine encephalitis virus include fever, headache, drowsiness, vomiting and in severe cases, coma.