Rockland lawmakers urge Suez Water to credit residents for water woes

Vile, rancid, horrible, dirty and downright disgusting -- those are the words many in Rockland County are now using to describe the water flowing into their homes.
Hundreds of homeowners are complaining that water from the county's sole supplier Suez Water tastes like dirt, smells like fertilizer, and worse still, is making people sick.
"It's disgusting.. I am not able to drink that water," says Rockland County resident Rajan Barawal.
Now, some local lawmakers want the company to give customers their money back.

State Sen. David Carlucci says he can't go anywhere without someone talking to him about Suez's water. "They're paying out of pocket to do other things, install filters, get bottle water. That's an expense to their customers and they should get in credit in their water bill," says Carlucci.
As for Suez, the West Nyack company admits its own water tastes and smells bad. The company is blaming algae in local lakes and says it's working on fixing the issue as soon as possible.
The company and county health officials both insist the water is safe to drink. But homeowners tell News 12 they know people who've gotten ill from drinking the water.
Carlucci says he's calling on the state's Public Service Commission Friday to ask Suez to give its customers a credit for any water they haven't been able to drink or use.