Rockland lawmakers pleased with postponement of marijuana vote in NJ

Rockland lawmakers are worried about the impact legalized marijuana in New Jersey would have in the county.

News 12 Staff

Mar 25, 2019, 10:54 PM

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Rockland lawmakers pleased with postponement of marijuana vote in NJ
Lawmakers in Rockland were pleased to learn Monday that New Jersey postponed its vote to legalize marijuana.
Lawmakers are concerned that if the Garden State allows recreational pot, New York will be next.
"The reality is if something happens in a border state, it's going to affect us," says Rockland County Executive Ed Day. "All I'm expecting as county executive in New York state is that we think through these things before we go off of what seems to be a popular notion. And as it relates to New Jersey I hope they do the same."
New Jersey's legislation on recreational marijuana is still on the table. If it does eventually pass, that would make Hudson Valley's access to the drug just a car ride away.
"My major concern is people using marijuana, getting into a vehicle and driving cars," says Day. "Whether they are coming here from Bergen high or leaving here going to Bergen getting high and coming back. Either way those vehicles are on the road."
Law enforcement in the Hudson Valley is also watching the vote in New Jersey. They know if it passes they'll have to make serious adjustments.
"We're going to have to train more of our officers as drug recognition officers," says Clarkstown Police Chief Raymond McCullagh.
McCullagh says since Clarkstown is only a few miles from the Jersey border, the vote on recreational marijuana can't be ignored.

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