Rockland gun group distributes concealed carry welcome signs

A Rockland club is helping businesses prepare ahead of a new state gun law expected to take effect later this year.
The New York State Jewish Gun Club is giving "concealed carry is welcome here" signs to Rockland businesses who want them.
News 12 is told that dozens are waiting or already have one, like Slice 'N Spice in Airmont.
The pizza shop's manager, Meir Ornstein, said that this sign means they can "protect ourselves, our family, and our friends from anything that should happen in case something does go wrong."
A New York state law expected to take effect in September would make it a crime for people to carry a concealed weapon into businesses, unless that business clearly says they're allowed to do so.
The legislation is in response to a recent Supreme Court ruling that struck down a New York gun law.
News 12 spoke with NYS Jewish Gun Club leader Tzvi Waldman.
"I know personally how many people are passionate about it and how many people are scared that they're going to be class E felons because they want to protect people," said Waldman.
Rockland businesses interested in learning more can email the group at