Rockland County: "Stay home and stop the spread"

County Executive Ed Day says there are more than 200 cases of the virus in Rockland.

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Mar 20, 2020, 4:39 PM

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"Stay home and stop the spread." That's the message Rockland County is giving residents as the number of cases of COVID-19  grows across the region.
County Executive Ed Day says there are more than 200 cases of the virus in Rockland.
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Day says that that number is expected to dramatically increase as more tests are done.
The county is concerned about overwhelming the county's already strapped health care system. 
Officials say residents have a duty to avoid a further crisis. Unless you need food, medical supplies, or cannot work from home, everyone must stay home - including children and teens not in school. "Please don't make it more difficult on our people if you can telecommute. Please have them do so. The one way of not getting sick is not getting exposed and not getting exposed is by staying in a place where you cannot expose yourself. So go home and that's the best place to be," says Day.
Events and gatherings that haven't been canceled will face fines under county ordinances.
The health department says any public site in Rockland is a potential site for COVID-19 exposure.
The virus has cast such a wide net in the county that officials say they cannot pinpoint where potential exposures are anymore.
Officials say call your doctor if you're showing symptoms. Calls to 911 should only be dialed in an emergency, otherwise those with mild symptoms are asked to stay home — like everyone else.
The county has also launched an initiative to help local busineses deal with the repurcussions having to stay closed. Rockland small businesses and nonprofits can now receive disaster relief assistance through the Disaster Loan Assistance for Rockland Businesses
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