Rockland County residents line up to prepay taxes

Rockland County lawmakers approved warrants Wednesday allowing towns to collect residents' 2018 property taxes before the new federal tax law goes into effect New Year's Day. 
Just minutes after the approval, a line had formed at nearby Clarkstown Town Hall with residents anxious to pay and reap the maximum deductions possible before the tax plan caps them at $10,000.
Clarkstown Town Clerk Justin Sweet says local lawmakers moved quickly to figure out how to allow residents to prepay as much of their taxes as possible after Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order Friday mandating towns to allow prepayment.
According to Rockland County Legislature Chairman Toney Earl, residents can prepay every part of their 2018 property taxes except for the school portion, which won't be assessed until spring 2018. 
Anyone who wishes to prepay taxes in person has until the end of the business day Friday. Many town offices are offering extended hours on Thursday and Friday. 
Some municipalities will also let residents pay online or with a check postmarked by Dec. 31.