Rockland County announces new measures to stop spread of the measles

Rockland County has announced new measures to stop the spread of the measles.

News 12 Staff

Apr 17, 2019, 9:51 AM

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Rockland County has announced new measures to stop the spread of the measles.
The health commissioner's new orders issued Tuesday says that if someone has been exposed to measles, they should not be in all public places.
The order applies to parks and playgrounds, too.
News 12 was told that Children's Park in Chestnut Ridge is normally packed with Orthodox Jewish children when the yeshivas are in session, but most are currently closed for the Passover holiday week.
On Tuesday, the county health commissioner banned anyone exposed to the measles from public places, both outdoors and indoors.
Another new order from the commissioner Tuesday mandates all unvaccinated children stay home from school, regardless of their school's vaccination rate, in two ZIP codes including Monsey, Chestnut Ridge and Spring Valley.
Despite these two new stricter orders, parents who live nearby say they're worried their kids still aren't protected from children who have been exposed to the virus or aren't vaccinated.
"They have to walk past them. And they might have the measles. It's in the air," says parent David Zuchowski, of Monsey.
Zuchowski says he's concerned because "they're playing, walking among the kids who could possibly have the measles because they don't have any vaccinations."
Health officials say they are also concerned people in the areas will spread the virus during the Passover holiday when many travel to see friends and family.
There are now 186 confirmed cases of the measles in Rockland County, with health officials believing the number is actually much higher due to unreported cases.

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