Rockland aims to put stop-arm cameras on every school bus in the county

A new safety initiative in Rockland County is looking to pump the brakes on drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses.
Rockland County Executive Ed Day told public and private school administrators about the launch of a safety program with BusPatrol, which equips buses with cameras to catch drivers who illegally pass them.
School districts would need to pass a resolution during a school board meeting in order for these cameras to get on buses.
It would not cost the districts anything to get on board because the company is paid back through violations, which can be a couple of hundred dollars each based on traffic laws.
Those drivers also face five points on their license.
There will be a 30-day educational warning period for drivers once cameras are installed.
Every day in New York state, an estimated 50,000 drivers illegally pass stopped school buses, putting the lives of children in danger.