Road Trip: Play Table Tennis at Pingpod centers in NYC

Pingpod, the state-of-the-art space to play table tennis any day at any time, is taking the classic game of ping pong to the next level of fun in New York City.
"Most of our locations in New York are 24-7," says David Silberman, co-founder and CFO of Pingpod. "Believe it or not, we live in the city that never sleeps so people are coming around the clock."
There are eight locations in the city and two in New Jersey. Each Pingpod operates autonomously. Visitors pay and reserve your table online or through the app. Those who reserve a table can unlock the door to the facility with their phone when it's time to play.
"A huge part of what Pingpod is is recreational spaces for families and friends and colleagues to come and do something social, physical, healthy," Silberman adds.
Scorekeeping is automated in the pods and as the competition heats up, players can even relive their last point on the in-house instant replay system.
Players can either book an open pod, which is a communal space, or your own private pod. Anyone can play, from beginners to professionals.