Road Trip Close to Home: Harbor Defense Museum

News 12 visits the Harbor Defense Museum in Brooklyn, a center which provides New Yorkers with a military snapshot in time.
The stone building made up of fairytale-like archways and comprised of military cannons, handwritten notebooks and military headgear dating back to the 1700s gives New Yorkers a face-to-face glimpse into the city's military past.
"The museum sits on Fort Hamilton today, the last active army on installation in New York City," says the museum's director Justin Batt.
Born in response to the attack of 1812, Fort Hamilton is also the fourth oldest army base in the nation.
"During the battle of Long Island, or as we like to call here, the Battle of Brooklyn, the British actually attacked New York City from here," Batt adds,
Visitors to the museum can set their sights on artifacts dating all the way back to the 18th century, including one special group of women whose artifacts are housed in the museum.
"We have one of the first all women bands - the 41st wagon band. And this band was stationed at Fort Hamilton from 1944 to 1946. It was 28 professional musicians."
Anyone interested in the museum's offerings can schedule a tour.