Road Trip Close to Home: Enjoy some yoga, history and art in Piermont

The village of Piermont offers visitors a place to find peace, history and art.
Yoga lovers can start their day in the park.
Katie Stoeckeler, owner of Peace in Piermont, says she offers classes for adults and children.
“It is yoga, it’s also meditation and different practices of mindfulness,” Stoeckeler says. 
The Piermont Railroad Station was restored in 2006 to resemble what it looked like when it was first built in 1983.
The train tracks are actually from the old commuter railroad that spanned from Jersey City to Nyack.
It is now a walking trail known as the Erie Path. 
There is also some art to check out by the Flywheel Park near the village green.
It stands just steps from the Hudson River.
Harry Martin, a member of Piermont Flywheel Gallery, says it has been one the oldest co-op galleries in the entire area.  
Visitors can even take a piece of Piermont back with them with pieces from nearby artists. 
“We encourage people to come here and buy art because there’s something personal about it and there’s something really great about buying artwork from a local artist,” Martin says.