Resorts World Casino plans to bring electronic slot machines to Newburgh Mall

The Newburgh Mall could soon become the next major gaming hub in Orange County.
Resorts World Casino is planning to bring its newest gaming project to the Newburgh Mall and replace a vacant storefront with electronic slot machines.
The project was originally set for the old Nepera Chemical Plant in Harriman, which closed in 2005.
An environmental review of the land proved far more contaminated than previously thought and the property will not be buildable for close to a decade.
Once that fell through, state Sen. James Skoufis negotiated a new deal to bring the gaming center to Orange County.
"This really is a game-changer for the mall. The mall has been around for many decades and it's been on a steep decline for a while now and this changes the entire trajectory of that property," he says.
Skoufis says he hopes the gambling parlor will bring new life to the dying building, which has seen its best days behind it.
The project still needs local approvals, which could a year to complete