Residents voice concerns on privatized Westchester County Airport

Dozens of people against the privatization of Westchester County Airport made their voices heard Tuesday night at a public meeting in White Plains.
Citizens spoke at the informational forum about their noise concerns and feelings of being shut out of the process of choosing the potential firm that will be recommended to take over the airport.
Karen Tam, of Citizens for a Responsible County Airport, was among dozens selling shirts and lawns signs at the door of the meeting.
"There's major changes to the county airport that are being proposed and I think we all need to talk about that,” says Tam.
Tam says among her biggest concerns is possible expansion once the airport goes private that she thinks will lead to growth “without bounds.”
The county consultant overseeing the privatization process was on hand for the forum, saying that a focus group is vetting the three bidders and plans to make a recommendation in the coming weeks.