Residents, Jewish leaders accuse Chester town supervisor of anti-Semitism

National and local Jewish community leaders are joining some residents in accusing an Orange County town official of being anti-Semitic after he allegedly made comments about Hasidic people to a local reporter.
According to a Times-Herald Record story published last week, Chester Town Supervisor Alex Jamieson told the publication that the town is buying some properties to "keep the Hasidic out."
The comments were made only months after construction started at the Greens at Chester, a 430-home Hasidic community in the town. 
On Monday, the Anti-Defamation League released a statement asking the attorney general's office to investigate Jamieson's remarks, calling them anti-Semitic and hateful.
Local Jewish leaders and Chester residents say they agree with the ADL, with some even calling for Jamieson's resignation.
Jamieson told News 12 both last week and today that he never made those remarks to the publication and has no intention of stepping down.
The Times Herald-Record says there's no recording of Jamieson's interview, but it stands by its reporting.
Earlier this year, Chester Supervisor Alex Jamieson was charged with grand larceny for allegedly collecting unemployment while being paid as a town official.