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Residents assess flood damage as Mount Pleasant remains in state of emergency

The basements of several homes were destroyed, and roads were flooded during Tuesday's storm.       

News 12 Staff

Jul 19, 2023, 9:54 AM

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A state of emergency remains in effect in the Town of Mount Pleasant after heavy rains caused major flooding on Tuesday.
The basements of several homes were destroyed, and roads were flooded during Tuesday's storm.           
Town DPW and Highway Department crews worked for hours unclogging drains and cleaning roads.   
Heavy rainfall also caused the closure of both the Taconic State Parkway and the Sprain Brook Parkway in the Mount Pleasant area. Town officials say a father and his two children had to be rescued from a minivan trapped on the flooded Sprain Brook in Valhalla near Hospital Road.
All roads have since reopened.
"The previous flooding saturated the area, so when you get another rain, where's that water going to go? The drainage can take a certain amount, but the ground is not going to take any more because it's soaked," says Mount Pleasant Supervisor Carl Fulgenzi (R).
One person who spoke with News 12 said his home was just inches away from being flooded.
"We've just been pumping and pumping and pumping and dumping it right back out as it's starting to come in. I went through, I burnt out two and a half pumps and my father ran down here with three more pumps, and we've been keeping it out," says lifelong resident Jason Miles.
Bradford Street and Brady Avenue where Mile’s home sits became a lake instantly during the storm after taking on several feet of water.
"Fifteen more minutes of heavy rain and it would've just poured in the windows, and we would've lost everything," says Miles.
Town officials say the state of emergency helps them get federal funding for damage as well as aids people when they make insurance claims. The area has been dealing with flooding issues for decades, and Mount Pleasant lawmakers say they have reached out to the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as the state, to produce solutions.
"We have contacted state DOT because their property lies next to ours and that is constantly flooding. Unfortunately, we have not gotten any response," says Danielle Zaino (R), Mount Pleasant Town Council.

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