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Rescued kitten found with a lace around neck gets new home

On April 22, a man rescued 3-month-old Laces along a busy Warburton Avenue. News 12's Lisa Salvadorini is adopting Laces and needs helping picking the name.

News 12 Staff

May 1, 2019, 3:26 PM

Updated 1,877 days ago


Rescued kitten found with a lace around neck gets new home
A rescued kitten found with a lace around his neck last week has found a new home!
Laces, a 3-month-old kitten, was rescued by Timofey Yuriev on April 22 along a busy Warburton Avenue. Yuriev gained some local fame after a video of him rescuing two dogs from an icy Irvington reservoir went viral in March. Click here for that story.
The kitten, which only suffered minor injuries, was found with a lace tied tightly around his neck. Laces recovered at Paws Crossed Animal Shelter in Elmsford, and caught the eye of News 12 morning anchor Lisa Salvadorini! On a whim, Salvadorini went to the shelter after hearing the story and fell instantly in love with Laces, which was the name given to the kitten after the rescue.
Check out some photos from his adoption!
We asked viewers if Lisa should keep the name Laces or change it. Other options were Tigger, Tim (after the man who saved him) and YoYo for Yonkers. After hundreds of votes, the winner is Laces at 46%.

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