Rescued dogs from Puerto Rico meet forever families in Westchester

A labor of love is paying off this Valentine's Day weekend for one animal rescue organization.
Seventy stray dogs that were rescued and rehabilitated from Puerto Rico are getting a second chance, meeting their new adoptive families at Westchester County Airport Saturday afternoon.
"It is probably the best thing that we as humans can do, is take an animal who cannot speak, and give them a voice," says Tracy Warren of the Sato Project a nonprofit.
Sato is slang for stray dog.
"Puerto Rico is approximately the size of Connecticut, and they have an estimated half-million stray dogs," Warren said. "So clearly, the problem is out of control."
Since the nonprofit started about 10 years ago, it's taken in more than 5,000 abandoned dogs from the beaches, streets, and kill shelters of the island.
Zena, a puppy who was left in a trash bag on the side of a road, is just one of more than 200 dogs that were rescued.
"I grew up with dogs my whole life, and I really wanted my kids to grow up with one -- just a matter of finding the right dog, and I think we've done it," said John Levene, who adopted Zena with his family.