Rescue pup turned 'fire dog' begins well-deserved retirement

A rescue pup turned "fire dog" in the city of Newburgh started a well-deserved retirement after 42 dog years of service.
Nick the Fire Dog was an abused pit bull puppy who was abandoned and tied to a fire hydrant a block away from a firehouse in Newburgh.
The fire department adopted him in 2017.
For the last five years, Nick the Fire Dog has been a staple at the City of Newburgh Fire Department.
Nick has helped raise funds and educate children around the world- there's even a children's book about Nick.
A ceremonial final walk was held at the firehouse on Grand Street to mark the end of his career. 
Nick is retiring to Bristol, Tennessee with his owner, firefighter Chris O'Dell.
O'Dell says Nick helped the world understand that pit bulls can be gentle if you teach them to be - and he helped firefighters push forward when the job got tough.
He says Nick spent his last day on the job destroying toys that his fans sent him as retirement gifts.