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Rep. Lowey: Regulating 'bump stocks' isn't enough

<p>Rep. Nita Lowey called for more gun control laws at an event in New City.</p>

News 12 Staff

Oct 6, 2017, 9:23 PM

Updated 2,451 days ago


In the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy, Rep. Nita Lowey is speaking out Friday about gun control laws at an event in New City.
The fight over bump stocks, the controversial high-speed gun accessory used in the Vegas shooting, received a rare bipartisan backing for a new gun control measure. Lowey, who is part of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, is in support of regulating bump stocks but says it's not enough.
"We need to be sure guns aren't easily accessible to anyone who wants them," says Rep. Lowey.
Lowey sent a letter to President Trump on the topic of gun reform. She believes together they can find a common ground that supports the Second Amendment while keeping guns from people who should not have them.
Rep. Lowey is working on an appropriations bill that will look more into gun violence so that another life is not lost.

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