Ramapo police stopping heavy trucks from using roads they don't belong on

Ramapo police are stopping commercial vehicle and truck drivers from being on roads they shouldn’t be on.
Ramapo police are enforcing road rules for heavy commercial vehicles and trucks that exceed posted road weight limits after issuing warnings and public messages.
“A lot of these towns and roadways are not designed for heavy trucks,” said Ramapo Police Sgt. Shawn Bakker.
Bakker tells News 12 that residents have shared concerns over these large trucks driving through their areas.
He says these drivers likely use the roads as “cut throughs” to avoid traffic.
Ramapo police issued summonses to five truck drivers on Thursday.
Those drivers face possible punishments of fines and having points added to their license.
News 12 cameras watched police enforcement Friday when they pulled over a big commercial truck.
That driver was not issued a ticket because they were making a delivery to a nearby destination.
Enforcement will continue throughout the town.
"We're hoping through continued education as well as enforcement that the trucks and the heavy commercial vehicles will start to use alternative routes,” says Bakker.