Quarantine rules keep widow from annual memorial at husband's gravesite

A woman says she won't be able to visit her late husband's grave this month as planned due to new quarantine rules.

News 12 Staff

Jun 26, 2020, 9:05 PM

Updated 1,422 days ago


Lisa Leibowitz, who formerly lived in Washingtonville, lost her beloved husband in 2013.
She has since relocated to North Carolina with the couple’s daughter, but she returns to the area each summer in June to host a memorial celebrating her husband’s life.
"We all meet up at the cemetery. Friends, family,” says Leibowitz. “We just reminisce and talk about good memories."
However, this year’s celebration will be very different as a result of coronavirus limitations.
"I've been there every year…now it's nothing,” says Leibowitz.
New York moved this week to quarantine visitors from eight COVID-19 hot spot states, including North Carolina.
Leibowitz tells News 12 that she considered different aspects but decided not to take the chance.
Instead of recognizing the anniversary in the Hudson Valley, this year she and her daughter will do so down south.
In the event things calm down in August, Leibowitz plans to come home and reunite with family and to visit her husband’s grave.

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