Putnam County SPCA: 9 animals rescued from deplorable Kent home

Nine emaciated animals living in deplorable conditions were taken out of a home in Putnam County earlier this week.
Chief Ken Ross, of the Putnam County SPCA, says three chihuahuas, a German Shephard, two cats, a ferret and a rabbit were living in their own filth inside the home on Chief Nimham Drive in Kent.
They were called to the home on Tuesday for a welfare check when the discovery was made.
A 45-year-old woman who owns the animals is facing nine charges of animal cruelty. She was not identified because child protective services are involved with the case.
Chief Ross is urging residents who no longer want their animals or can no longer take care of them to give them up safely.
“You can't just put them in the closet and hope it goes away, because all you're doing is torturing the animals,” he says.
All nine animals are still alive and being nursed back to health by the Guardian Veterinary Specialists.