Pump Patrol: Oil drops to under $100 a barrel, gas prices dip slightly

For the first time in two months, crude oil prices have fallen below $100 a barrel.
The price of West Texas Intermediate crude tumbled as much as 10% Tuesday, to hit a low of $97.43 before closing at $99.50, down 8% on the day. 
Experts say the drop reflects investors' growing concerns about a US recession that could crimp demand for oil.
Gas prices are also down a bit. According to AAA, the average cost of a gallon of gas at the pump in New York is now $4.88, whereas it was $4.94 last week. A year ago it was $3.18.
News 12 is on pump patrol, finding you the cheapest gas in the region.
The Conoco on Riverdale Avenue has gas for $4.55.  The Mobile on US-6 in Port Jervis has regular at $4.57.
News 12 is asking viewers to help us find the cheapest gas in our area. You can add to our list here.