Primary challenger accuses DA Scarpino of brushing allegations against police under the rug

Westchester District Attorney Anthony Scarpino's primary challenger is accusing him of brushing serious allegations against Mount Vernon police officers under the rug - just weeks before the election.
News 12 spoke with Mount Vernon Police Officer Murashea Bovell back in November. Bovell filed a lawsuit against city officials and the police department.
At the time, he said that for 12 years he had been subject to racist comments and witnessed officers perform serious misconduct, including working with drug dealers to bring up arrest counts. He gave News 12 recordings in which police officers could be heard allegedly calling him a rat for reporting misconduct.
On Wednesday, primary challenger Mimi Rocah said that the district attorney's office didn't do anything with the case and has allowed the accused officers to continue wearing the uniform.
Scarpino says that's far from true.
"The whistleblower's attorney went back to the DA's office and asked the status of the investigation. The DA's office investigators said after nine months that they had not been investigating because they were waiting for more recordings," says Rocah.
Bovell's attorney told News 12 what Rocah said was accurate, but they weren't told by investigators that were waiting for more recordings.
Scarpino says, "The complaining officer has been interviewed by us, we have reviewed those tapes very closely, we have followed leads in regards to it and as of this point in time the investigation is still open but there was no indication that we have any evidence that is not hearsay."
Scarpino says Bovell lost his civil lawsuit and has refiled. Scarpino says Bovell lost his civil lawsuit and has re-filed. 
Both Scarpino and Rocah will face off June 23 during the Democratic primary. The winner takes on Republican Bruce Bendish in the November election.