Preview: NYC Mayor Adams discusses anti-gun violence plan in the Turn to Tara special 'Under the Gun'

Mayor Eric Adams spoke to News 12's Tara Rosenblum about his plan to make New York City safe again as part of the News 12 special "Under the Gun," which airs this Tuesday at 7 p.m.
Adams was asked about what people want to know: When is his plan going to lead to results and when does he anticipate that the gun violence rates will start to fall in the city?
"Well, we want it to fall immediately, but as we stated over and over and over again - some of the rivers that we must dam that I mentioned in my blueprint, I'm not in control of. I'm not in control of the laws in Albany. I'm not in control of the funding for ATF and the coordination with our federal government," Adams said. "Those things that are within my control, such as putting money in our foster care system, they are going to be carried out immediately, and you're going to see results from that, but we can get a faster result if we get those items that we pointed out on our state and federal level. But regardless of their participation, we're going to move forward with our plan."
Adams reiterated that he will implement the same strategies that he is using now if he does not receive the help he needs.
"I didn't wait for the help from Washington, D.C. to put in place our anti-gun unit. Our anti-gun unit was on the street for six days and it removed 10 guns. That's more than a gun, a little over gun a day. That's the add they made over 30 arrests. It shows that there are things we can do here if we do precision policing," Adams said. "You know, people find it hard to believe there's just a small number of people who have committed a large number of crimes. We need to zero in on them with precision policing, but also precision resources to stop you from being criminals."
If you have been impacted by gun violence and would like to share your story, you can reach to News 12's Tara Rosenblum here.