Positive vibes: Brentwood teen ‘pays it forward’ at Bagel Boss

Diego Agreda, of Brentwood, says his mission in life is give off positive vibes any way he can – so last week he spontaneously decided to pay for a woman’s order at Bagel Boss.
He was with his friends, Ashton Ali and Kevin Vasquz, when the act of kindness took place in Bay Shore. He said that she was “speechless” at the gesture.
After that, the 18-year-old paid the bill for another customer, then another, and then another.
“I kept doing it because it’s from my heart and I love doing it,” he told News 12. “You don't know who's struggling out there. Especially with the pandemic going on. It makes me happy.”
News 12 caught wind of the random act of kindness because someone who was there that day took a picture of Agreda and his friends.
Nicole Tehan was working inside Bagel Boss last Wednesday and witnessed the “pay it forward” moment.
“I know one person was in tears, they couldn't believe someone would do such a thing. It made a lot of people happy that day,” she said.
 All three teenagers will graduate high school in a couple of days.