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Port Chester police take training to a new level with jiu jitsu

Dozens of officers volunteered to take part in a special Brazillian jiu jitsu training session in Port Chester.

News 12 Staff

Feb 26, 2019, 10:51 PM

Updated 1,942 days ago


Port Chester police take training to a new level with jiu jitsu
Dozens of Port Chester officers took part in a whole new kind of job training with a lesson in Brazilian jiu jitsu.
The training took place at the Jiu Jitsu Mill in Port Chester. The officers learned a myriad of techniques including break fall, technical standup and the pummel.
Coach Jordan Lutsky helped the officers work on timing and leverage, two elements that are the main focus of jiu jitsu. Lutsky says part of his goal is to arm the officers with a new way of dealing with dangerous people without reaching for their guns.
"It's about managing your physical intensity, your mental intensity and therefore managing your energy efficiently," says Lutsky.
Some of the officers say the training has given them new tools to assist them in certain situations.
"In general, if we ever get in a situation where you are with someone in a resisting arrest situation, this gives you other options to use in a close situation," says Detective Matthew Chalmers.
Lutsky says he doesn't expect the officers to be experts with just one two-hour session, but he believes there's plenty they can take back to their jobs.

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