Police: Woman, man wanted for attacking 24-year-old inside Popeyes in Soundview

Police are searching for a man and a woman who attacked a customer inside a Popeyes restaurant in the Bronx.
Police say it started with an argument between two customers over one person cutting the line and it quickly escalated to violence inside a Popeyes in Soundview.
The surveillance video shows a woman and the 24-year-old male victim in front of the counter arguing. The victim seems to be waiting for his order when a man right behind him, wearing a red outfit, throws a punch right to the victim's head.
The video shows the victim getting punched several times. At one point, the woman grabs the wet floor sign and starts to hit the victim over the head repeatedly.
Police say the man and woman stole $150 from the victim before leaving.
News 12 was told the woman came back inside the restaurant without her coat and wig to get her food shortly after the incident.
The victim was treated at the hospital.
Authorities ask anyone who recognizes the man and woman in the video to contact police.